Beyond the Usual

2020, NL, HD, col, sound, 11' [Original title: Verder dan Gewoon]

A look into the creative process of choreographers Marjan Hommes and Germa Schouten through the observation of their craft.

Notes on the production

The film was creened at De Stadsgehoorzaal Theatre in Kampen (NL) where it was also filmed. The observational parts were captured in 2018 on a GH4 during 2 days of workshop and rehearsal. I was tasked with making a trailer for their new production, but ended up filming more of the process than anticipated. At the start of 2020, I was asked to finish the documentary and we decided on adding an interview with each of the choreographer. This was filmed on an Arri Alexa Mini.

Made with Vuur en Vlam Produkties. The interview was filmed by Joas Burggraaf and recorded by Frits de Bruin. With music by Gertjan van der Weerd.