The San Andreas Series

The world of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a place that pretends to be similar to ours: a living, breathing world inhabited by people going about their day. But as its technological achievement is surpassed with every passing advancement, an apparant sadness permeates this sparsely populated world made up of low-res textured boxes and trapazoids. With these films I was interested in making images within an abandoned and aesthetically artificial place.

My interest in using video games as image capturing devices was inspired by Phil Solomon, who, late in his career, started making these beautiful abstract moodpieces within the worlds of Grand Theft Auto (I wrote about his last film for Frameland). Through this work I found a way to combine my love for and knowledge of video games with my desire to create explorative films.

A third film, called Untold Land, has been in the works.

Endless Sea

2015, NL, HD, col, sound, 6'59"

Here I was mostly preoccupied with juxtaposing violence and bright colours. The latter were created with a weather mod, which would let me cycle through hundreds of weather situations even though the core game only provides a max of 10. Needless to say, it breaks the world in beautiful ways.

Commissioned by Crows Crows Crows for The Magpie Collection.

Infinite Skies

2011, NL, HD, col, sound, 10'20"

Can be considered juvenilia, as it was made while I was still a student. With the film we tried to narrativize our abstract vignettes through the idea of purgatory as a place to come to terms with regret.

Made with Martin Gerrits. Music by SaƄad, Alan Morse Davies and Richard Wagner.