The Tour de Fien the Film

2021, NL, HD, col, sound, 33'17"

When Fien's best friend suddenly announces she's moving across the country, their dream of competing in the Tour de France when they grow up is in jeopardy.

Note on the production

The idea was to not simply put an iPhone on a tripod and capture the performance. The physical theatrical experience can never be replicated on a flat screen through registration, and so we needed to utilize film language to properly adapt the emotional beats of the piece.

We shot it with the 4 of us (2 actors, 2 crew) over the course of 2 days at the Odeon Theater in Zwolle. It was filmed on a Red Komodo with Canon CN-E Prime Lenses.

Adapted from a youth theater production by Reuring Theater and performed by Rianne de Reu and Annemiek Timmerman. Made with Jan Willem de Graaf.