This page features works of a commissioned and/or collaborative nature!

I started freelancing in October 2011 after I quit film school a year into it. Since then, I've been lucky to have spearheaded many projects and have been part of countless others, learning the ropes as I made stuff. This is just a fraction of what I've made over the years.

72 - Realm of Dreams

2022, 7'13", MiniDV (1.33:1), colour, sound

A music video for a track taken from Guus Berendsen's debut EP as 72, his ambient project. I've known Guus for a decade and based this video on footage I had filmed on the day we met, folding memories and creating an imaginary time and place. It was also an experiment in film emulation: the original footage was captured on MiniDV but I made it look like it was shot or printed to super8.

Untitled (with Zoey)

2022, 2'42", HD (1.33:1), colour, sound

A short impression of Zoey Benschop's process, a Dutch spatial artist and researcher. We filmed it over the course of 2 days during her month-long residency at Het Huis Utrecht.

Made in collaboration with Zoey Benschop. Thanks to Fonds Podiumkunsten & Het Huis Utrecht.

Pick up your phone (Immer)

2022, 1'00", HD (1.33:1), colour, sound

A high concept commercial promoting the Immer reading app. One of many videos we've made together.

Made for and with Immer.

Beyond the Usual

2020, 11'10", HD (1.77:1), colour, sound

An observation of choreographers Marjan Hommes & Germa Scholten leads to an exploration of the craft and language of movement.

Made in collaboration with Vuur & Vlam Produkties. The interview was filmed by Joas Burggraaf & recorded by Frits de Bruin.

The Tour de Fien 2020 Promo

2020, 1'13", HD (1.33:1), colour, sound

A promo announcing some extra shows for their production 'The Tour de Fien'. This video was largely improvised.

Made in collaboration with Reuring Theater.

Super Game Jam

2014, 5 episodes, HD (1.77:1), colour, sound

SUPER GAME JAM is a documentary series about making video games in 48 hours. For more information, check our official website.

Made with Daniel O Carneiro. Produced by Devolver Digital.

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