This is a Now Page where you can read what I'm upto.


I'm about to direct a film adapted from a modern dance production about Alzheimer's disease. The original was conceived and performed by Vuur & Vlam Produkties, with whom I've worked before. Filming will commence from 31 March until 3 April.

I submitted A Weave of Light to 20 film festivals. So far, it has yet to be selected.

Having become more critical of the types of commissioned work I take on has made me a better person.

Upgrading tools

I've been thinking about upgrading my 15" Macbook from Late 2013 by swapping it out for a Mac Mini M1, because it's cheaper than a Macbook. But! I really like working on a laptop. I like having the possibility of working remotely. So, I've decided to hold out for the new Macbook range, rumoured to be released in the second half of 2021.

Video games

Kirby's Dream Land is a big one for me, right now. I got my Game Boy Color decked out with a brand new backlit screen and I'm trying to move through those 5 stages as quickly as humanly possible. My fastest time so far is 15 minutes and 9 seconds.

And I've started playing Advance Wars, which I'm really enjoying.

—Last modified: 23 Mar 2021