These are narrative-oriented works concerned with effectively communicating a story. I'm proud of these and they have helped me in gaining a better understanding of the medium, though I feel like they are different creatures from the direction I'm heading in. And so, for the sake of overview, I've collected them here.


tbr / 49'00"

A unique fusion of drama and modern dance, Unconditional is about the destructive force of Alzheimer's disease told from the perspective of the affected.

Adapted from a choreography by Vuur & Vlam Produkties. Made with Emma Quilligan (producer), Germa Scholten & Marjan Hommes (artistic supervision & choreography) Joas Burggraaf (DOP), Frits de Bruijn (sound), Rob Peters (sound design), Micha Wink (music), Robert Monster (gaffer), Jason Hornung (AC), Simone van Dongen (make-up), Annelies de Ridder (wardrobe) & Esmee Bongers (setdressing). Performed by Dick Cohen, Germa Scholten, Lieke van Kesteren, Lili Kok, Michelle Mondria, Don Raven & Matthijs van Werkhooven.

Super Game Jam

2014 / 5 episodes

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Super Game Jam was a documentary series in which two newly acquainted developers have 48 hours to make a video game. The resulting games can be played alongside the series.

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Made with Daniel Oliveira Carneiro (co-creator), Jukio Kallio (music), Adam 'Doseone' Drucker (music) and Kim Idsinga (First AD). Produced by Devolver Digital