A Weave of Light

2021, 10'40", super8 to hd (1.33:1), col, 5.1/3.1

Six people imagine what could be on an undeveloped super8 cartridge of unknown origin. The resulting film is a free association based on those conversations. The super8 cartridge will remain undeveloped.



Mentioned as one of Francisco Algarín Navarro's and Scout Tafoya's favourite films of 2021.


Based on interviews with Kimberley Anasagasti, Ad Arma, Esther Kramer-van Raalte, Joachim Reurink, Fay Straatsma & Deniz 'Freez' Wittebol. Featuring Kimberley, Joachim, Peter Buwalda, Lindsey, Rianne de Reu & Annemiek Timmerman. Made with Rob Peters (composition & sound), Lindsey Fontijn (goldsmith), Susanne van Paridon (sculpture), Glenn Plaisier (tites) & Devan Scott (visual consultant). Processed by Super8 Reversal Lab and digitised by Onno Petersen. Funded by ArtPitch038.

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