Hello! My name is Bram Ruiter and I make films.

I work from found materials that I observe or adapt to examine creation, structure and behaviour. The resulting films are increasingly collage-like and concerned with our economic state. They have been screened internationally at Viennale (Austria), Fantastic Fest (USA), FestiFreak (Argentina) and A.Maze (Germany) among others.

Please scroll down, check out my resume (PDF) and take a look at my notebook!

A Weave of Light

2021 / 10'40"

Six people imagine what could be on an undeveloped super8 cartridge of unknown origin. The resulting film is a free association based on those conversations preoccupied with perception and being perceived, the infinite, that which does not exist (yet), and the limitations of visualising imagination. The super8 cartridge will remain undeveloped.

It was screened at Viennale in Austria, FestiFreak in Argentina and BIDEODROMO in Bilbao.

Perpetual Spawning

2018 / 05'41"

The code flips through an array of virtual pedestrians, fading in and out of existence, to be endlessly replaced by the next, creating a time-lapse in real-time.

It was screened at Milan Machinima Festival where it won the Critic's Choice Award and it was also exhibited as part of the What Time Are You? exhibition at HSE Art Gallery in Moscow, Russia from 25 December 2019 until 16 February 2020.

No Service

2018 / 10'50"

A long train trip, during which the reception ebbs and flows, delaying and fragmenting communication. Unfamiliar landscapes whirl by outside the window of this plane or train or car. Memories of a distant country.

The unexplainable sublime interrupted by the banality of communication. It’s sort of the way the avant-garde has to evolve with our experience and existence.

—Scout Tafoya (source)

Endless Sea

2015 / 6'59"

A juxtaposition of bright colours and extreme violence.

Covered on Unfeatured Films' Grand Theft Avantgarde - More Than a Medium.


Periferie is a multi-film project that is assembled from a personal archive of unfinished films and unused footage and deals with ambition and anxiety. It's going to take a while.

Other endeavours

Besides making films, I teach a filmmaking course (BA and MA) at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Zwolle and I make videos for Immer. I occasionally write for the online film publication Frameland. I've also designed it and helped set it all up. And I make music as Cloack or under my own name.


Do you have any questions? E-mail me via info [at] bramruiter [dot] nl. Or follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Letterboxd, though I do tend to stay away from the first two.