My name is Bram Ruiter. I make films among other things and I am based in The Netherlands.

I have just finished up A Weave of Light, a short experimental work inspired by an undeveloped roll of super8.

I've done a couple of machinima mood pieces. Perpetual Spawning is experimentation with time-based systems, while Endless Sea and Infinite Skies are concerned with purgatory.

There's also a duo of travelogues: No Service and Die Labirint. With them I tried to express the hardships of a long distance relationship.

And back in 2014, I co-created the documentary series Super Game Jam. This project inspired me to make many more documentaries such as Beyond the Usual (about modern dance choreographers) and Small and Personal and Tranquil (about a media arts festival).


Questions? E-mail me via info [at] this website. Or you can follow me via Instagram, Letterboxd, Twitter, Twitch.