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These are the films I've made that I consider to be my own. Made according to my own vision, my own ideas. That doesn't make them better, but it does make them different from my work.

Sequence 01

2020 / 5:40 / Video / 3:2 / Sound

A collage of videos found on a hard drive, now degraded, pixilated and hazy, not unlike the memories attached to the landscapes seen. Sequence 01 is the first in a series of poetic meditations on digital memories created from an ever-expanding archive of unused and forgotten footage.

Credits: Made with Dominik Johann, Tom Schley and an unknown friend.

Perpetual Spawning

2018 / 5:41 / Video / 3:2 / Sound

Filmed in Grand Theft Auto IV, Perpetual Spawning is an hallucinogenic, delirious take on repetition and reiteration. An hauntological obsession pervades this eerie montage of glitches, while Tom 'Silkersoft' Schley dark beats lead the viewer in a downward spiral into modern catacombs. —Milan Machinima Festival (source)

Available to watch on Vimeo.

  • Part of the 'What time are you?' exhibition at HSE Art Gallery in Moscow.
  • Public Screening of Perpetual Spawning at Milan Machinima Festival 2019 where it won the Critic's Choice Award.

Credits: Filmed in Grand Theft Auto IV. Sound design and mix by Tom 'Silkersoft' Schley.

No Service

2018 / 10:50 / Video / 16:9 lb / Sound

Staring out the window of a plane or a train or a car. Memories of a distant country where she resides. The phone's reception ebbs and flows. Our lifeline.

Available to watch on Vimeo.

Space is defined by gorgeous geometric interplay and beautiful solarized landscapes and by the distance between text messages. The unexplainable sublime interrupted by the banality of communication. It’s sort of the way the avant-garde has to evolve with our experience and existence. —Scout Tafoya (source)

Credits: Written with Claudi Moll. Sound design and mix by Rob Peters.

Die Labirint

2017 / 08:29 / Video / 16:9 / Sound

A wriggling dislocation exercise, dancing with our perception, allowing us to detach and enjoy its tempo and delicate colours. Ruiter finds a grace in the land, in removing it from traditional context, in rendering it lightly unreal and acutely effecting. Ten minutes to watch it, months to enjoy its lingering effects. —Scout Tafoya (source)

Available to watch on Vimeo.

Made for the async Film Competition

Endless Sea

2015 / 06:59 / Video / 20:9 / Sound

On an island, surrounded by an endless sea. A violent land dressed up in saturated colours. The idea of this place, informed by the very media preceding and succeding it, stems from faraway. It is framed through a thick haze of unpenetrable hues, both a glorification and a condemnation. It does not resemble reality, though it acts like one.

Available to watch on Vimeo.

Commissioned by Crows Crows Crows for The Magpie Collection

Super Game Jam

2014 / 5 episodes of 30 minutes / Video / 16:9 / Sound

Super Game Jam was a documentary series in which two newly acquainted developers have 48 hours to make a video game. The series was released via Steam where its buyers could then also play the jam game.

Available to buy on Steam.

Selected screenings
Shophouse & co, Singapore
Dutch Film Festival, Utrecht (Q&A only)
Fantastic Fest, Austin (Texas)

Credits: Co-created with Daniel Oliveira Carneiro. Music by Jukio Kallio and Adam 'Doseone' Drucker. The First AD and general caretaker was Kim Idsinga. Produced by Devolver Digital

Infinite Skies

2011 / 10:20 / Video / 16:9 / Sound

San Andreas is a place that pretends to be similar to ours: a living, breathing world. Yet, in all its technical prowess, it fails to surpass its inherent sadness felt when wandering through a sparsely populated world made up of poorly textured boxes and trapazoids. In this film that uncanniness is utilized to explore the concepts of purgatory, memory and coming to terms with regret. In an anthology of restaged scenes from a life lived, we seek redemption with our subject.

Available to watch on Vimeo.

Credits: Co-created with Martin Gerrits. Music by Saåad, Alan Morse Davies and Richard Wagner.